Who will win the Stanley Cup hockey champion, is the LA Kings or NY Rangers?

Tonight is the first game of the Stanley Cup hockey championship. The game will start at eight tonight. Are you voting for the LA Kings or the NY Rangers to win the Stanley Cup? I will vote for the NY Rangers as obviously I live in NY.

Will the LA Kings or NY Rangers win the Stanley Cup?

Will the LA Kings or NY Rangers win the Stanley Cup?

My family loves to watch hockey on TV. My husband and my kids play hockey as well at our pond in the winter. It is a fun game to play. It is very tiring but if you love the sports hockey, surely you will love to play too.

I wish these two hockey teams good luck. May the best team win, hope the NY Rangers will win. This game is of best seven. Tonight is the first game. Whoever will win the best four of course will win the Stanley up.

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