Wearing their Buffalo Sabres hockey jersey shirts

It was two days ago when my kids wear the same jersey shirts while watching the Buffalo Sabres our hockey team. The little girl finally found her jersey shirt. We bought this while she was five years old. We watch the hockey game at the downtown and bought her this jersey shirt. She was looking for her hockey shirt for a long time. It was hang in her Daddy’s closet that is why she could not find it.

wearing their Buffalo Sabres hockey jersey shirts
The big brothers always wear his hockey short every time the Buffalo Sabres has a game. Finally they both can wear their jersey shirt. The little girl needs a new jersey shirt. The jersey shirt she is wearing is getting small on her. They both are watching the hockey game that night. The Buffalo Sabres is playing against Washington Capitals. The visiting team Washington Capitals scored twice, luckily the Buffalo Sabres catches up. The Buffalo Sabres lost in the final score during the overtime. The final score was 5-4 but they received one point. My kid both had fun watching the hockey game that night. How I wish our hockey team won.

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11 Responses to Wearing their Buffalo Sabres hockey jersey shirts

  1. jo says:

    I have never seen hockey ever – not even in schools. I am not sure with movies though. LOL. I am not familiar with anything related to it so I’d just say good luck on your team and I hope they win!

  2. Joy says:

    i love the color of their hockey jersey shirts, nice color combination 🙂

  3. Great sport for American children and glad they’ve love the game. Children do love their favorite game and they want to follow their idols.

  4. Nova S says:

    Both look so adorable, and having the same sports hockey team is just great.

  5. Such great supporters for their favorite team!

  6. awwwwww…isn’t that cute! I would love to see a hockey game live.

  7. betchai says:

    glad they were able to have fun watching the hockey, a cool game to watch 🙂 they both look good with their hockey jersey shirts 🙂

  8. juliana says:

    I love hockey too. my husband got me into it. It’s a very exciting game. I liked Mario Lemieux of the Penguins in NHL when he was playing. He is in the Hall of Fame.

  9. kulasa says:

    It is a great thing for kiddos to love sports! This makes me wish I had a little girl to dress up too! Kisses to your cutie kiddos! 🙂

  10. mhie@smarlk says:

    They’re really an avid fans. I love watching hockey

  11. They must have been an avid supporter to the team they cheer on. I hope someday I could watch a hockey game live! 😀

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