Sqwincher Lite your perfect thirst quencher


Summer is almost here. The excruciating warm days are coming. I cannot wait for the day where I can wear shorts and flip-flops. I am sure that some states are enjoying their warm weather. Unfortunately, Western New York will have a snow in coming days. I know it is crazy but that is our weather in Western New York.


The bad weather is approaching in our state. It cannot help us from getting sweaty and work out, right? There are many ways to work out. One way is playing sports like bowling. Yesterday, our family went to play bowling for the first time. We all get thirsty. I know I order Pepsi but it did not quench out thirst. Nothing beats the plain water. You know what makes the water taste different and delicious? All I need is a sqwincher lite and this taste likes lemonade. All you need is open a pack of sqwincher lite and mix it in your bottled water or glass of water and mix it. The water will taste perfectly delicious.

This also is perfect for a person that has a health problem like diabetes. This has no sugar and no calories in this packet.  This is perfect for people who watch their figure. My trip is coming and definitely will bring this with me. I do not want to get dehydrated. You should try it too. Please check out the Website for more information. This is affordable. One packet comes in 50 sticks which are enough for your summer. I am also linking this entry to #113 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Mellow Yellow Monday.


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