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My son is only 14 years old. He cannot wait to drive a vehicle by himself. I am sure that no doubt he is a better driver than his Mommy. He owns a four wheeler when he was four years old. He now has the bigger four wheeler. This kid is even taller than his mommy. How this preemie baby of mine grow up so fast like a weed.

He loves to play sports especially the golf. I am so thankful that his Daddy has the patience to teach him. He brought him to different golf course. He joined the high schools golf team this year. Though he missed the three weeks of practice, he still made it to the top six of his team and payed the tournament though their team did not win. The experienced he learned was awesome.

At the age of 14, he wants to own and drive a sports car from cars.com like this model. I know that he needs to do better in school and find a job someday. My son is determined and very competitive. For now, we keep this sports car in his wish list. You never know someday, he will own one.

How about you? Are you looking for a sports car? Why not check this Website to check for deals and many models that will keep your pocket open for affordable prices.

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