On the green and it feels like he is in the golf tournament

My boys love to play golf especially my son. He is very serious indeed when he is playing golf on the backyard. He knows how to score too. I have no clue about playing the golf. It looks very easy. It is very hard to estimate how far the golf ball will go. I played golf with him once in a while. Usually it is him and the Daddy.

 photo greencarpet.jpg

This was few weeks ago.

 photo greencarpetA.jpg
My husband bought something green to pretend that they are on the green like playing in the golf tournament.

 photo greencarpetB.jpg
It is not a carpet but more of thin material like a sack but color green. He bought in Wal-Mart.

 photo greencarpetC.jpg
Our son loves to play golf even more. They both cheer for Tiger Woods but did not make the cut during the recent golf tournament.

I will link this entry to #170 of 365 blog photo challenge.

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11 Responses to On the green and it feels like he is in the golf tournament

  1. Your property is very nice sis since you guys have a huge yard and you can do a lot of things.

  2. emzkie says:

    oh that is cool mommy jess. i dont know how to play golf either coz i find it boring. hehe.. but ur boy looks like he is having fun!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  3. Bless says:

    Lovely mami Jess coz you have big space outside. Good for golf practice jud na. Who knows he’ll be a golfer in the future 🙂

    Late BPC!

  4. That’s the sport I wanted to try but hubby is not interested as he has a back problem which I understand.

  5. betchai says:

    that is so cool, you have a mini golf in your backyard, and what huge yard you have, love the reflection of those trees in the pool too

  6. Algene says:

    I tried playing golf once and I swear, I won’t do it again. Hahaha Hindi talaga ako marunong..

  7. You mi-ght have a future golfer sis, pampalit kay Tiger Woods.

  8. papaleng says:

    Tiger Woods in the making. Gosh, ang lawak ng lawn nyo, Next time, you do your golf rounds naman. Mommy Jessie.

  9. You got a future Tiger Woods in your care. Just hone his talent and who knows…

  10. lencilicious says:

    Looks like you a a Tiger Wood in the making there. Just practice more and he’ll get there.

  11. Ria C says:

    It is really a good thing to start your kids’ interest in sports at an early stage. It will develop discipline and a keen sportsmanship.

    Also, you have such a lovely yard and that vast! Wow!

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