My kids’ scooter park at the playground

My husband is working 12 hours that day. I have all the time with my kids. I want them to enjoy the day while Daddy is at work. I told them that we were going to the park later that day. They were happy about it. This is a great way to go outside too and breathe some fresh air. I told them that they can bring their scooter.


I am glad that the park is close to where we live. It only takes me fie minutes to drive. There were many people at the park as school is over. The kids ride their scooter around the park. It is a big park. I think it is the beautiful and clean park I ever see. They park their scooters on one of the picnic table.

My son has an electric scooter. My little girl has a normal scooter. I am glad that she is learning how to use it. Does your kids play scooter? I am linking this entry to #176 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.


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