My kids Halloween costume lasts year

I was so disappointed that I accidentally delete all my kids Halloween pictures last year. I uploaded two pictures of them in my Facebook. This is one of the pictures. They were visiting the neighbors for Trick or Treating. It is still light that time. My son is wearing a race car driver. He loves to watch a race car show. The little girl is wearing a Princess costume. They have different costumes that they love to wear. Yet they also enjoy the occasion or holiday together. I wish them more closer as they grow up.


What about your kids? What are their costumes during last years Halloween? Are you ready for this year Halloween too? Where will you go Trick or Treating? We will bring the kids in the same area. It is close to where we live. We can even walk if we wanted too. I wish all the kids have the best time during the Halloween. You have to make sure to brush your teeth after eating those sweet treats.

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