How to use your kids old basketball

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My kids love to play sports. They both love to swim. My son loves to play basketball. We have a basketball hoop that is set-up in our driveway. It is adjustable so he can reach the basket.  My husband also plays basketball in our pool. We also have a floating basketball that they can play. There are many floating balls in the pool that sometimes it is over crowded.
We also have an old basketball that my son seldom play. I am planning of planting it with flowers. All I need is open  the bottom of the basketball and the top too. I want to plant it with the annual flowers. It is my favorite flowers to plant. I also need a Miracle-Gro to mix it with dirt to help the flower grows beautifully. This is a fun garden projects that my kids would love to do as well. I am sure that my son will not mind me using his old ball. He has plenty of balls.
How about you? Do you have kids that have many used balls? Do you want to use them to plant flowers.?  Do you have inspirational stories about gardening? Do you want to share it with the new gardeners? Why not join The Gro Project? Are you still looking for garden ideas? You can also follow Miracle-Gro Pinterest to pin some helpful gardening tips for you and your athlete to plant together.
Are you looking for other Miracle-Gro products?  You can use Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food and Moisture Control Potting Mix for your indoor or container projects. You can use  LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit for in-ground projects.  I am sure that either you plant outside or inside, Miracle-Gro has it all to help you grow flowers beautifully.

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8 Responses to How to use your kids old basketball

  1. Gven-Rose says:

    perfect idea to preserve mother nature, instead of trowing the old used ball we can use it as pot..

  2. Makoy says:

    I think it’s a great time to plant annuals now. It will definitely look good on your lawn or your garden.

  3. jheylo says:

    That is cool and creative mami jess 🙂 i’m sure it can beautify your home too, it’s very cool to have a flower base made out of unused basketball.

  4. lanie says:

    Cute! My nephew have an old basketball and i just want to try it.

  5. mommy peach says:

    This is a brilliant idea! The basketball doesn’t go to waste and it makes your home pretty.

  6. Shela says:

    Oh my nice one momi! old toys won’t never toast to trash anymore! Will try this one day hehe

  7. This is a brilliant idea, never thought of a basketball could be use to plant veggies. 🙂

  8. Working MAMA says:

    cute idea.. this would help in saving our mother earth

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