How to have a good night sleep

It bothers my husband when I sleep on the carpet. He said that it looks uncomfortable. He always ask me how I can sleep like that. I can sleep anywhere I want. The carpeted floor is one of my favorite place to sleep. All I need is my sleeping bag, pillow and blanket. I sleep the most on the carpeted floor especially during the winter in front of the fireplace. It feels warm and toasty. The kids sleep on the sofa couch in front of the fireplace in the living room. They do not sleep in their room during the winter. It is cold despite having an electric blanket underneath their beds.

foam for the mattress
(photo not mine)

Are you like me who can sleep on the carpeted floor? Do you need bed to sleep comfortably? Do you turn and toss when you sleep? Maybe you need a new bed or bed accessories for memory foam. We really need this especially on our bed. My husband always has a sleeping problem. I felt badly that he spent sleepless nights and it does not help at all when he works night shift. It is about time to buy a new bed to fix this sleeping problems. I want him to have a good night sleep and I think I found the solution for that.

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