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A perfect sports car for any athletic

  Sponsored Post My son is only 14 years old. He cannot wait to drive a vehicle by himself. I am sure that no doubt he is a better driver than his Mommy. He owns a four wheeler when he … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup Hockey Champion 2017

Last night was the game 6 hockey Stanley Cup champion between Nashville Predators against Pittsburgh Penguins. The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup hockey champion with the final score 2-0. This is the back to back win of the Pittsburgh … Continue reading

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Where to buy the best clarinet for your musician

My daughter is telling me few months ago that she wants to change her music instrument from baritone to clarinet. We want to make if that music instrument really she wanted to play. I know that if she changed her … Continue reading

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How to sound professional when you are hosting a sports event

Spring is here and soon warmers days are approaching. I am sure that there are many sports event you are attending if one of your family plays sports. If nobody in your family plays sports, maybe you are hosting a … Continue reading

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New England Patriots won the Superbowl 51

My family is football fans. We are cheering for Buffalo Bills but unfortunately our team did not make it in the play-offs. Sunday especially is family day where we can spend our time watching the football. /center>Yesterday the 5th of … Continue reading

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Have you watch the DJ during the sports event

Super Bowl is three days away. My family cannot wait and am sure the entire America as well. It is between Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. I am sure that New England I bit will win. There is no … Continue reading

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How to carry your DJ stuff

Sports and music are the same. We take good care of our equipment properly just like a DJ. Performing is better when you have the shure m44-7 to keep all your cartridge safe. I go crazy myself if I lost … Continue reading

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How to check your guitar sound

Every performer especially a guitarist needs to have a rehearsal before the live show. They check all their sound system and make sure all the wiring are connected. It is a protocol to avoid delayed show especially when fans are … Continue reading

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How to make your guitar so stylish

There are different kind of guitars. There are manual or electric types of guitar as well. It is your choice what kind to buy and how to accessories it. I do not play the guitar so I have no clue. … Continue reading

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Groupon is your best choice to buy affordable mobile phones for your athletic kids

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are mine.  My son is a teen-ager now. One more school year and he will be in high school. Where did the time go? This preemie sure is growing like a … Continue reading

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