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How to develop your vocals like a professional singer

I watched the American Idol last night. it was their first elimination. There are now 11 hopeful singers left. One girl was voted out. I missed some of their live performance. I really like watching reality show especially when it … Continue reading

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Learning how to scuba diving is an easy thing to do

Growing up in a tropical country, beaches are few minutes drive from taking a public vehicle. I missed the taste of the salty water from the ocean. I missed the sound of the waves. I missed where I can wear … Continue reading

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Arm wrestling with his Daddy

My husband and I were watching the hockey men’s final between Canada and Sweden in winter Olympics live on TV. As always team Canada won the gold. The final score is 3-0. My family is a fan of hockey. It … Continue reading

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My son practicing hockey by our pond

This son of ours likes to play hockey. He can practice playing ice hockey by our pond for a long time. He does not mind it. He loves playing hockey by our pond. He likes the Buffalo Sabres assistant goalie … Continue reading

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Our hockey tickets came right on my son’s birthday

I bought four hockey tickets for our family to watch the Buffalo Sabres hockey live.. It came perfectly right on my son’s 11th birthday. It made his birthday more special. We cannot wait to watch the hockey sometime this month. … Continue reading

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How to start playing the drums

We do not have drums in our house. We used to have toy drum when my son was little. My husband does not like musical instruments. He is boring but we do understand. Please do not tell him. My kids … Continue reading

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We will watch the hockey game live this month

My family loves to watch hockey. We are indeed the biggest hockey fans. We are cheering for our local team, The Buffalo Sabres, of course. It has been two years since the last time we watch the hockey game live. … Continue reading

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