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Singing the American National Anthem by using Allora

There are few games of the football before starting the playoffs. It sounds like the football just started and now the playoffs will start soon. There is the famous football championship called the Super Bowl. It is the wildest and … Continue reading

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Buffalo Bills another football loss against Kansas City Chiefs football game

The family watched Buffalo Bills played against the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday. The Buffalo Bills loss again in this football game. The final score was 23-13 Kansas City Chiefs. The winning team never loss a game. They are in perfect … Continue reading

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Rocking the sports event with this bass

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I can go to church first thing in the morning. I love listening to sermon of the priest. I also love to sing the music while the choirs are singing. I also … Continue reading

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A new football for my son

My son has a recess at school. They can go outside for few minutes to play when the weather permits. He loves to play football with his friends from school. The Daddy bought him a new football to bring to … Continue reading

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