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Hephep Hooray giveaway

I’m sure a lot of YOU will love this giveaway that is hosted by Tips & Experiences because we will have 4 lucky winners to take home to prizes. This giveaway will run from November 22, 2012 at 12:01am (pacific … Continue reading

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Buffalo Bills are playing against Miami Dolphins in Thursday football tonight

I hope that the Buffalo Bills will win this football game against the Miami Dolphins. I am not sure if the game will televised on TV. They are playing tonight at Orchard Park. I wish all the Buffalo Bills good … Continue reading

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Batteries to help you capture the moments of your athletic kid

I am sure that being a Mom or Dad of an athletic kid, you have to attend many game events. Events happen more often that we need to prepare our camera anytime. Do not you hate it when you take … Continue reading

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Conference Day Skate

Today my kids are only half day in school. Today is a report card making. I hope that their grades are high. I am sure my little girl is. I am not sure about the big brother. He needs help. … Continue reading

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Looking for beautiful and affordable nursing uniforms

I applied for a job application at the nursing home after I got my work permit. There is a close by nursing home where we lived in the old house. I can even walk if it is a beautiful day … Continue reading

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Are you looking for an affordable kitchen cabinets?

Every sports fan gets hungry and needs to eat. You burned so much calories from playing sports. Either you get thirsty or hungry. The first thing we do is check out our kitchen cabinets if we have healthy food that … Continue reading

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Sharpen his bow arrow

Few weeks ago my husband picked up his bow arrows from a hunting store. The 84-year-old man owns a hunting store. He sells hunting stuff. He also repairs bows. He also hunts even he is 84 years old. I cannot … Continue reading

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Jam it!

I found apogee jam at musicians friend pretty cool. Why because for anyone who loves guitars, they would like a tool that makes practicing and jamming the best. With apogee jam, they can practice, record and jam on their iPad … Continue reading

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My husband’s trophy for running

I just love this picture. He looks so cute and handsome here as always. I remember he told me that he represent his school. He is a fast runner. My father-in-law even told me about it. I am so proud … Continue reading

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It’s a manly thing

I’m talking about jackets here, men are really fond of them. Every guy I know has some sort of a collection. My father back home loves denim jackets which he always keeps in handy especially on trips. I was thinking, … Continue reading

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