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Buffalo Bills won 16-13 against Arizona Cardinals

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Why? It is because I can go to church with my kids. It is also football day for the family. My family loves to watch football. Sunday also is a family day … Continue reading

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Plasma Bike Giveaway

Do you remember your son’s first bike? How I wish that he has a bike likes this. The one he had is very simple yet he had the fun riding it. Is your son ready to ride his bike? A … Continue reading

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Warm bottom pajamas for my son

I went shopping by myself last month when the kids are in school. I am looking for winter clothing for them and pajamas as well. I was looking for pajama sets for my son at Kohl’s. I find some pajama … Continue reading

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Perfect to hire for any sport activities

There are times in our kids’ life that we put our best to give them the best celebration for their achievements. It could be a party for being a champion in their sports theme. It could be for your son … Continue reading

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My kids Halloween costume lasts year

I was so disappointed that I accidentally delete all my kids Halloween pictures last year. I uploaded two pictures of them in my Facebook. This is one of the pictures. They were visiting the neighbors for Trick or Treating. It … Continue reading

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How to find a perfect hotel from your mobile

Sports fan like to travel especially that football games started. There are football games that are sometimes in the opponent’s team home town. I am sure that if you are near or close to that game, you will buy tickets … Continue reading

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Every sports fan needs good furniture

Being an athletic is fun and it is great for your body. It helps our body being active and strong. I have the three athletics here in our house. Playing any kind of sports is their favorite thing to do. … Continue reading

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Kyle Busch is my son’s favorite race car driver

Saturday is one of my son’s favorite days of the week. Why? It is because he can watch the race car show on TV. He loves to watch the race car show. Guess who is his favorite race car driver? … Continue reading

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Are you over charge in your tax?

I know that we just paid our property and school taxes this week. It is not a fun thing to pay a big amount for both taxes. My husband has a good job yet still complains about how high our … Continue reading

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