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Playing volleyball with her cousins

These are some pictures I took while vacationing in the Philippines. This was July 8th of 2012. These are my nephews, niece and my little girl playing volleyball while it is raining. This is in front of my Mom’s house. … Continue reading

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Getting better with ripstik scooter

My son got this on his 9th birthday. It was one of his birthday gifts. During that time, he cannot use the ripstik because there are still snows on the ground. He started using the ripstik on the spring. The … Continue reading

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The Buffalo Bills lose on the football opening

Yes! It is time of the year again where football fans like me have been waiting for. I like to watch football and the rest of the family. It is a wonderful bonding for a family to watch football on … Continue reading

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Checking out product review before buying

I like music a lot. I love to sing and dance while listening to the beat. I do not play instrument. My kids have toy piano and guitar that they play. What about you? Do you play guitar after playing … Continue reading

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A package of golf tee

My husband bought one package of golf tee at Wal-Mart store. . I do not how many golf tees inside the package. My boys like to play golf at our backyard especially my son. He looks so serious when he … Continue reading

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How to make your sports fan have a good night sleep

My boys, the husband and the son, love to play sports. Even the girl likes to play sports too. They use their energy while playing sports all day especially when the Daddy is off from work. They need bed accessories … Continue reading

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Will you allow your son to drive a go-cart?

We do not own a go-cart. This is my son’s classmates go-cart. I know that my son likes sports especially involves with vehicle. It looks like the go-cart is very low. He drives like crazy. He is only nine years … Continue reading

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The best gift for your football fan

My family likes to watch the football on TV. How I wish that we can watch it live in a game someday. My husband and I are watching it now on TV. My son likes the sports. He likes to … Continue reading

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Tossing the horseshoe at his friend’s house

My son was invited to attend his friend’s 9th birthday on his house. It is his 3rd grade classmate’s birthday. It is only three minutes drive from where we live. They live in the next road from us. There are … Continue reading

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My husband’s archery trophy

My husband loves hunting. It is his greatest passion in life. He learned hunting at a young age. He is very thankful that his Dad teaches him how to hunt. He used to hunt with his younger brother growing up. … Continue reading

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