How to carry your DJ stuff

Sports and music are the same. We take good care of our equipment properly just like a DJ. Performing is better when you have the shure m44-7 to keep all your cartridge safe. I go crazy myself if I lost something while playing in a game or performing in the event or a party. My son is so careful with all his sports equipment. I am sure DJ is the same. We need everything to be ready before a game or attending an event. Though my son likes to sing at the same play sports like golf the most.

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How to check your guitar sound

Every performer especially a guitarist needs to have a rehearsal before the live show. They check all their sound system and make sure all the wiring are connected. It is a protocol to avoid delayed show especially when fans are waiting for the concert. If you are a guitarist, you have to make sure that you have the line 6 to check your guitar sound. This musical accessory is very important to keep your guitar works perfectly before your performance.

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How to make your guitar so stylish

There are different kind of guitars. There are manual or electric types of guitar as well. It is your choice what kind to buy and how to accessories it. I do not play the guitar so I have no clue. But one thing to learn is what is a resonator that you can read the details from here. You can any kind and how you style your guitar is up to you. It would be perfect to play the guitar after a break from any sports activity that you have participated.

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Groupon is your best choice to buy affordable mobile phones for your athletic kids


This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are mine. 

My son is a teen-ager now. One more school year and he will be in high school. Where did the time go? This preemie sure is growing like a weed. Though he is a not a member of any sports activities, he still loves to play sports. He love to play the golf. He practices most everyday by our backyard. Sometimes his Daddy bring him to the driving range to practice or play the golf. It is their bonding father and son moment.

 photo boost mobile phones_zpsrajfgtye.jpg

He is almost as tall as me. He also learns more responsibility as he become a teen-ager. He watches his little sister when my husband and I both go to work. We called the house every hour to make sure everything is fine. I only worked six minutes from where I live. My husband works in the city.

My son keeps bugging me on buying him a cellphone. He wants my cellphone. I told him this cellphone is very expensive. You need to pay the cellphone bill. You need to find a job as well. I know that he knows what having responsibility is. He told me that he is the only one in his class last year does not have a cellphone. We told him our reasons why he cannot have his own cellphone yet.

Looking at Groupon Goods I found this amazing deal for cellphones. I want to buy this for my son. I just want to talk to his Daddy so he will agree. I really love this cellphone. I think it is perfect for my son. The price is affordable. Being at his age, I know sometimes he lost stuff. This cellphone is ideal for him. Reading the reviews, the cellphone really works. I am a fan of this website because their deals works ad helps me saves money.

Please do not forget to check their Facebook and Twitter for more deals not only mobile phones but anything that your athletic needs. Sports clothing and accessories are expensive but when searching from this website, you will be amaze of the deals.


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Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup hockey champion for 2016

My family loves to watch the hockey on TV. We are a big fan especially with our local hockey team the Buffalo Sabres. We even watched the hockey live couple times on the arena except this year.

 photo Stanley cup Champion_zpsi18ogb3y.jpg

Anyway last Sunday the 12th of June, Pittsburgh Penguins beat San Jose Sharks 3-1 and won the 4-2 from the seven series. Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup hockey champion. We are also rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins as it is in the East Coast where NY is one of the state that belong with that territory.

Congratulations to the players and management of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I hope that the Buffalo Sabres will make it to the play-offs next time.

How about you? What sports does your family loves to watch?

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Groupon Coupons saves you money with any sports stuff

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are mine. 

My son who just turned teen-ager few months ago is so picky with clothes to wear. He wants branded clothes or shoes. He imitates the outfit that the golf players wear during the game. I wish we are rich so we can buy expensive clothing.

 photo groupon coupon sports_zpseywulfz0.jpg

I am thankful that one of his favorite brand Puma can be bought with affordable prices through the help of using the Groupon Coupons. He is more into clothing like shirts and shoes. This coupon will save us big time to buy his favorite shoes brand. He really needed new shoes. This shoe is expensive but not anymore by using the coupons.

I can also check their Facebook or Twitter and maybe they have deals in any sports clothing or even accessories. He loves sports like golf and hockey. Sometimes I feel bad that I cannot buy the clothes that he wanted as we need funds to shop.

 photo groupon puma_zpsq8tfx6gy.jpg

As our son drives us crazy but we also love him to pieces. We will do everything to make him happy only when he is a good boy and do all the household chores. By then, we can reward him with clothes or shoes that he wanted.

Does your kids like my son that also loves branded clothing? How do you afford to buy? By using coupons which you can find from the Website above will make your kids happy and make your wallet happy as well.



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How to have the perfect light on a sports event

Sometimes our kids have sports game to play at night. It needs light like the led par if they are playing outside. We want to see their performance and how they play with other kids. Accessories like this is a must so we can cheer our kids. It does not matter if they lose but would be awesome if their team will win. Do you need accessories like this? Why not check out the Website for further details for your kids’ upcoming sports event.

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Jason Day won The Players Championship 2016

My family loves to watch the golf. We also have an exclusive golf channel. My husband pays a little extra to have this channel air on our Cable TV.

 photo Jason Day won The Players Championship 2016_zpsez59w0oj.png

The family watched The Players Championship last weekend. I am so happy that Jason Day won though my boys disagreed. They wish somebody won. Sorry boys my man Jason Day won. I liked him because he is half Australian and half Filipino. Besides he is a very good player.

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How to make your athletic kids guitar shine at night

Everything is cool when it shines at night especially when it is dark. An athletic kid of your enjoy the sport in the morning, it is time for him to have fun with his friends enjoying music. It could be a get together or attending a concert. This Dean Markley is cool to make his guitar sparkles while having a blast. Unfortunately my kids stopped learning how to play the guitar. Yet still loves to play the golf.

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Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl 50 football championship

I was so happy that the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl 50 football championship against Carolina Panthers. The Super Bowl 50 was played in San Francisco. I am rooting for Peyton Manning. I want him and his team to win so very badly. I am happy that they did.

 photo Super Bowl 50 Half time_zps18q8j4av.jpg

Hubby was working so he missed watching the Super Bowl 50 with us. It is just me and my kids. My son is rooting for Carolina Panthers. My daughter does not bother who will win.

 photo Super Bowl 50 Half Time A_zpspk3k86xm.jpg

Lady Gaga did amazing singing the National Anthem Spangled Banner. I also LOVED the half time show. It was amazing. Those umbrella flowers are beyond gorgeous.The performers were The Cold Play, Bruno Mars and Beyonce. It was spectacular. I LOVED Bruno Mars among those performers. The commercial are fun but missed many of them.

 photo Super Bowl 50 Champiion_zpsow9zksrc.jpg

The final score was 24-10. I am sure that Peyton Manning can retire from playing the football happily now. What a happy way to retire and won the Super Bowl 50 for his team and fans.

 photo Super Bowl 50 Champion B_zpstva7hjky.jpg
 photo Super Bowl 50 Champion A_zpsfe2lx1az.jpg

I will miss watching football. I cannot wait for the next season. I hope this time our team Buffalo Bills will be in the play-offs.

 photo Super Bowl 50 Champion C_zpsnkthwxnw.jpg

How about you? Did you watched the Super Bowl 50? What do you think?

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